Bitmain AntMiner S1 Dual Blade


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AntMiner S1 is a blade style miner. “1” means AntMiner’s Gen-1 chip, and “S” means “Slice”. There are 32 BM1380 chips on a single blade and each blade has 80 ~ 100 GH/s estimated hashing power and consumes 80 ~ 200 Watt power at the wall. It varies as we still need to test the voltage-frequency sets and the different AC/DC efficiency.

Given the Bitcoin exchange rate equals 300 USD/BTC, 25 BTC per block outout,  0.15$ per kwh electricity, this blade will be profitable to run until the total network hash rate reaches 150 ~ 300PH/s.

Specs Per Blade:
Hash rate: 80 ~ 100 GH/s
Power consumption: 80 ~ 200 W on wall
Power supply: 3 +12V DC input
Power efficiency: 1 ~ 2 W/GH/s on wall
Size:  135 mm x 155 mm x 300 mm (Dual blades assembled, with fans or mounting bracket)
Network connection: WIFI / Ethernet Cable
Cooling: 12cm PWM fans and customized heat sank, expected to be very quiet at 25℃ ambient and should be able to test up to 35~40℃ ambient.

Total hashing power is 180 GH/s.

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